Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What are your 3 killer tips to attract the opposite sex?

1. Confidence. Not easy to gain confidence in front the girl you're interested. Personally i think, i tend to be more open and nonsensical in front other girls than towards the girl i'm into. But that's the point, i will crap through all the way to get her! I'm half retarded so should be easy for me.

2. Secondly, well-groomed. Well, good look is born with so i don't have control over that. I will keep myself presentable, i hate cologne, so no spray spray for me. I will keep away all the bad habits i used to do to the people around me, you name it. Nose-picking and farting will be the main thing to focus on. Sometimes my breath goes very smelly without realizing it on the next morning, eating too much pasar malam goodies before going to bed last night. To be safe, i eat a piece of mentos every morning stealing from the office pantry. But that's just for the mean time, after dating her i will show my true colors.

3. Planning ahead. Guessing whats on a girl's mind is never easy! Its like the feeling when you unbox a gift, you see the wrapper, you shake and guess it, almost there but still not confident what's inside. I will convey the message to the girl, planning ahead what's she gonna reply. At the same time, counter her reply with prepared response. Give her surprise and impress her. If you ask me how i want to surprise her, that's random i guess. Being random for the win so yeh ... megusta :{

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I can't put myself onto a person's rope and assume we are sharing the same thought. Sometimes there are more space on the rope for more important people than just myself. Even i think i can, i'm lying to myself. It's better to let go than to hold on and fall deeper ...

Why not let go and let others be happy? Sometimes we make sacrifices and never to hope anything in return ...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I think this would be my first emo post to be blogged on mobile. Its not very easy to blog i guess, typing characters using one finger. Especially the screen itself is near towards u. U can see all characters on the keyboard but requires a finger to do the work.

When things are close to u, very close u tend to understand more even when it don't speak. That requires a lot of time and effort as well. If they don't speak but u understand, i don't think this is what we call communication.

Until we found out that wat we had understood all along was just our own cynical assumptions we made, thats the hardest part we can accept ourselves.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh Look Its August

I always had the thought to blog when i am driving alone back home, but everytime i wanted to blog after taking my shower, all the emo minds are gone. Scumbag brain. No emo post, no fun.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bersih 3.0?

It was almost a year ago when bersih 2.0 held. Don't ask me when was the first bersih 1.0 because i probably don't give a shit about nation news during that time. And not even bersih 2.0, when i seriously don't know what's going man.

Man, i was just a year younger then.

And i seriously have no idea what's the motive and what's bersih actually fighting for. Initially i thought it was an illegal rally just like, to give you an example hindraf. So i thought it was just another type of rally that people just want to throw their anger at the country or something.

Thanks to facebook, not just me i think. Those within my generation were also caught up by the attention through the amount of news spread widely within this space. The videos, the articles, the photos and pictures of all kind of funny stuff. Doesn't matter its one sided view or another.

There was an internet saying that goes, "Rumours are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots". Well, i have to agree totally with that statement, they are haters, they are fools, and we are idiots to trust the current rulling.

Who was the leader of Bersih?
I dunno whats the answer to this question initially, and off course it has to involve the opposition leader, this is the opportunity for them rite.

Someone told me it was Amiga. But then i google and seems there are actually quite a few leaders involved. And to my attention, one of them was ...

I remember this old guy, wrote one poem, The Dead Crow in one of my literature studies during school time. I heard him spoke in fluent English as well. That time i was a kid k, i thought to myself how can this old chap speak so good english.

Then i google, read, ask around, what's about Bersih .

Then i understand a very important thing ....

Look guys,

We're not fighting anything against the current rulling, we're not planning to assasinate the current leader (should be lucky tho), we're not posting videos to show how aggresive the police was during Bersih 2.0, we don't merely post articles and photos of a poor old lady who gets sprayed by tear gas but still standing strong, we don't post photos of Queen Elizabeth wearing yellow during the meetup with out pm to hint anything, and not everyone like the color yellow godamnit!

All we want is just fair election.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bitch please msians!

I was going back, but not yet. Paying my visit to Kenanga, teman a friend buy things there.

Cut it short, i was going back home from Hang Tuah back to Medan Tuanku.

It was my first experience using the machine that the monorail station (become Rapid KL already) is using now.

1. Noob customer service lady, you think i want to give you trouble asking for small change? You just fucking dunno the machine only accept coins and rm1 and rm5. Wat the hell is wrong with malaysian counter people? Wat's so scary about receiving big notes here.

You know whenever i have to use my rm50, i always have to be so dam afraid that i will annoy them with big notes.

You know i'm asking just to change for RM10 NOTE! Not rm50, cause the fucking machine doesn't want to accept even rm10 and how am i going back if the customer service people don't help me.

And the dam thing is she was talking on the phone right then, and the sign she showed me is like asking me "shoooo" *pointing with her finger directing me out*

Thank goodness there's still hope in humanity. No choice, what else can i do. I approached one chick and asked if i could exchange for smaller notes cause i only had rm10 notes left. Off course la i approach a nice one, other people in the train station look dam scary and feel like want to rompak me.

She kindly took out rm2 and gave to me without giving me cockstare or some stupid shit face that i usually give to people approached me for money. She said no need to give her the rm10 cause she don't have any return for me. Then i think she was scared of me she quickly cabut. lol i dunno y.

2. Now number 2, why the fuck people have to talk on phone when driving. Its not that you cannot do it, you can. But please make sure you are pro only can do that like me. I can draw something for you, i can whatsapp, i can facebook post status, i can camwhore and lotsa stuff more but you have to be pro.

Noob please

Look at the car behind you for fuck sake, just because you are talking to your grandmother doesn't mean the people behind you have to talk to their grandmothers too. Or if its your grandmother road then can, but i don't care if its your grandmother's car you are driving because you are bloody wasting people time behind you when you are driving 10kmph after the traffic light turned green. And sumore you are the first car in line at the traffic light.

My goodness la, my skeleton almost ran out from my body cause beh tahan.

Okay thats all for today. Bai.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Went to lowyat today to do some shopping.

U know, everytime when i'm in lowyat, i just got the dream that i want to buy the whole of lowyat some day and just simply pick anything and use on the spot that really feast my sight.

Yea, wanted to buy everything but $_$. Wishlist goes on and on and on ... but age is catching up, really need some savings man.

Spent a lot already but still thinking of getting a 27" lcd back. Lucky i left the place faster, or else the money will just walk out from my wallet by itself, and everytime when i'm out eating or yumcha, all the rm50 notes that i just withdrawn are gone. Sometimes i really just don't know where it went.

On the way back, i sent my car for a shower. The queue was quite long, but since i had the time, i just waited. Then there's a lady who just came, she was talking to me but my windows are winded up. So i wind down ..

She ask, "Eh are you queueing up for a car wash?"

Me said, "No, i'm going for a body wash".

Yea really.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Travelling up north, to the end.

It was really an experience. Yes it really is.

Most importantly it was the road, the journey, the stress, the sked-ness and the time spent on the road. It was up till the point that it really practices your consciousness. I'm still able to blog about this at this time, cause i was the only one on leave tmr haha.

I have never driven on roads that goes curvy at the same time uphill and down towards. Overtaking humongous trucks and super duper slow old metal that still moves on the road. Learning how to put signals, pressing down the accelarator all the way down, and off course, cheating death. I managed to cheat death a hell lots of times surviving.

I admit i am actually a slow driver, nevertheless safe :) But this time i really had no choice lol. Never ever i would drive any vehicle through this route anymore, maybe up till a few years later till they widen the road with 2 lanes.

All i would say its the experience.

We actually planned to go on Friday night, after we are done with the office. But Yong advises us not to drive at night as it was our first time with no experience driving with truckers and cows dazzling on the unbearable one single lane roads. Yes he was right to me.

So we stopped at ipoh and crashes at Ivan's place instead. I seriously never drive that fast lah, haih they no trust me.

I managed to get a bite of Ming Court for dim sum this time, which i have tried Fo Shan on my previous visit.

Ming Court actually taste better, like what Ivan have told me but yet to prove it myself.

So after that, Yong messaged us to buy strawberries lol. So then we headed through Cameron Highlands to reach Kota Bharu.

Me eating strawberry strudels. Actually my face just wake up, was sleeping in the aircon room whole night long cause dunno how to switch it off.

And after hours of driving, we finally reached Kota Bahru. Like finally, when we reach we are like woohoo. Yong was waiting for us :) We visited his shop, his new home. It was a definite pleasant stay we had. He brought us around to makan, visit, snack and much more stuff. But i was super tired after driving all day long. Didnt get proper sleep :( or else i would enjoy more.

The couple.

Thanks Yong, you had made our stay in Kelantan a good one lol. Im sure we enjoyed everything except the journey. It was a tiring trip, but it was surely a good experience.

It was a good one .... yes sure it does :)

Ivan please send the photo i requested pl0x.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Didn't really wanna post something personal in my blog actually. Am i suppose to recap what happens in 2011 like everyone does in their blogs? I guess im too old for that ... no its because i really can't remember anything back then.

I guess i have the free time nao.

Let me just summarise everything into a drop. Nth much really happen in 2011, i think my life gets boring lol. Hmm ... i quitted my job and landed up on the second. Wont elaborate much on that, extremely personal. I'll keep your curiousty from here onwards.

Resolutions? Yes ... travel to more places. Gotta do it before the world ends.

No money lolz.

Anyway, happy 2021.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hey Readers

Lotsa spam on my blog lately. Not sure wats going out. But if you're a legit reader, merry christmas.

If you're a reader that was attracted to read my blog because im ...


A very good christmas this year. Hope u all had the same too.

But what's most important is to remember who you celebrated with last year, last's last year, last last last year ... know your friends, know your families, look into the mirror and thinks if you're annoying, please change.

A song for everyone to listen.

I dunno, but jason chen just make good covers. I'll write a longer post about what i did in 2011 soon enough. Not emo now. Friends or anyone please backstab me so i can write better post.